Application for intrafaculty change

Applications for Semester 1, 2021 have closed.

The On-time closing date for intra-faculty change semester 1, 2021 applications was 30 September. A non-refundable $50 late fee applies for any application received after this date. The final closing date was 31 January 2021.

Applications for Semester 2, 2021 will be open mid April.

Who can apply for semester 2, 2021?

Use this form if you're a current domestic undergraduate student in a single or double degree or four year honours degree wanting to change to a new course within the same faculty (as at Semester 1, 2021), and you're:

  • currently enrolled in units and expect to complete at least one unit in Semester 1 2021, or
  • have a status of leave of absence for Semester 1, 2021 and you've completed at least one unit in the award course in which you gained admission.

If you are seeking to change to a double-degree across two faculties (we call this university-wide), you need to be enrolled in a double degree that is offered by the same faculties as the ones you are seeking entry to. For example, if you are enrolled in Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Laws you can apply for Bachelor of Information Technology/Bachelor of Laws but if you want to gain entry to Bachelor of Science/Master of Teaching (Secondary) or Bachelor of Creative Industries/Bachelor of Information Technology, you need to apply through QTAC.

You cannot use this form if you're an undergraduate domestic student seeking entry:

  • into a course you've previously studied. You need to apply for return to study.
  • into a different major within the same course. You need to apply for change of major.
  • into a different faculty. You need to apply through QTAC.
  • with admission adjustments. You need to apply directly to QTAC using the Educational Access Scheme (EAS) and/or Elite Athlete Entry Scheme.
  • to any education or teaching course if you have failed two or more attempts of either component of the National Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education Students, and have not passed it in a later attempt
  • into a graduate entry course based on non-QUT studies or seeking entry via a new selection rank based on other studies. You need to apply through QTAC.

International students need to apply via an F Form.

Postgraduate students wanting to study a different course need to reapply online.

Course requirements

You should ensure you meet any mandatory course requirements (e.g. blue card) before you apply for the course.

When to apply

Check key dates for submission and outcome dates and when late fees apply.