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Schedule 1 of the Queensland University of Technology Act 1998 (Qld) provides authority for the University to create a Regulated Traffic Area on QUT property; failing to comply with our traffic and parking regulations is an offence against the Act for which penalties of up to 10 Penalty Units may be applied. Where we allege a failure to comply with our traffic and parking regulations, a Penalty Infringement Notice may be issued, as prescribed by the State Penalties Enforcement Act 1999 (Qld) and the supporting regulations.

If you have received a Penalty Infringement Notice, you may request the penalty to be waived by completing this form. The waiver review process is subject to stringent audit controls to ensure that each request is treated factually and fairly.

An infringement will normally only be waived if:

  • the infringement was incorrectly issued;
  • there was a medical emergency; or
  • there are other extenuating circumstances.

Each request is measured against objective criteria, documented in the waiver policy. As our Infringement and Waiver Policy (PDF File, 45 KB), permits the granting of waivers only in particular circumstances and under strict conditions, we encourage all potential appellants to read the policy before submitting a request.

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Applications for waiver must be submitted within 28 days of the original infringement date.

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If you would like to include photographs, scans of tickets etc. to support your request, please send them via email (along with your infringement number) to parkingfines@qut.edu.au.


By submitting this Request for Waiver, your infringement will be placed on-hold, pending our decision. Written notification of the outcome of this request will be sent by hardcopy mail to the postal address provided.

In response to this request, we may:

  • Refuse to accept the request until additional information or documentation can be provided.
  • Agree to waive or reduce the penalty. ^
  • Require payment of the full penalty amount.
  • Withdraw, reissue or replace the infringement notice.
  • Take any other appropriate action permitted by regulation.

^ Where we agree to waive or reduce the penalty, we may place conditions or impose a requirement on you. In this circumstance, the waiver or reduction of the penalty will be conditioned upon your acceptance of and compliance with these conditions. If you do not accept and/or comply with the conditions of waiver/reduction of penalty, the original penalty will apply.

If the outcome of this request is such that a payment is required, we will extend your payment due date. If the matter remains unresolved, our normal infringement escalation process will progress, including referral to State Penalties Enforcement Registry (where additional fees will apply).

I have standing to make this request.
     (as the vehicle's registered owner and/or the driver at the date/time of the alleged offence)
I have read and understand the potential outcomes which may result from submitting this request.
The 28 day timeframe for taking action has not elapsed.
The information, claims and statements made in this request are true and correct.