Facilities Management | Infringement waiver request form

Before applying for a waiver, you must read the Infringement and waiver policy (PDF file, 45 KB).

The waiver review process is subject to stringent audit controls to ensure that each request is treated factually and fairly.

Each request is measured against objective criteria, documented in the waiver policy, which permits the granting of waivers only under strict conditions as outlined in the Infringement and waiver policy (PDF file, 45 KB).

An infringement will normally only be waived if:

  • the infringement was incorrectly issued
  • there was a medical emergency
  • there are other extenuating circumstances.

Appeals will be handled confidentially and in accordance with the Appeals Policy (PDF file, 45 KB).

Should the appeal be unsuccessful and the matter remains unpaid or not contested in a court, it will then be transferred to the State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER) for recovery action and will incur further costs (minimum of $69.80).

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Applications for waiver must be submitted within 28 days of the original infringement date.

Your details
Infringement details

Please provide the original Pay & Display ticket to:

Transport Services
PO Box 2434, Brisbane 4001

Please ensure the ticket is sent via post BEFORE the due date.

Please keep a copy of all your records.

Waiver request

If your waiver refers to a parking permit or ticket you will need to supply the number of the permit/ticket. Failure to provide the permit or ticket number may result in your application being denied.

Please retain a scanned/photocopied version of the ticket or permit until you are advised of the outcome of your appeal.

For all attaching evidence (photographs, scans of tickets etc.) Please send them via email (along with your infringement number) to parkingfines@qut.edu.au.