Application for assignment extension, deferred examination or special consideration

If you have special circumstances that are impacting on your ability to complete your assessment, you may be eligible to apply for a concession.

Assignment extension

Apply for an assignment extension if special circumstances prevent you from completing your assignment by the due date.

Apply for an assignment extension

Deferred examination

Apply for a deferred examination if you're unable to sit an examination due to medical or other special circumstances. This is available for the end-of-semester examination period or an examination organised by your unit coordinator during the semester (in-semester).

Apply for a deferred examination

Special consideration

Apply for special consideration if you believe your performance in an examination or assignment was adversely affected by medical, compassionate or other special circumstances.

Apply for special consideration

Lodging your application

Start by selecting the link above relevant to your circumstances. You'll be asked to log in to HiQ.

Lodge your application as early as possible.

It may take up to five working days to receive a response to assignment extension or deferred exam applications. You should continue working on your assessment while your application is being processed.

Supporting documentation

You must provide relevant supporting documentation by scanning or photographing documents and uploading them to your online application form.

Applications won't be processed until your documentation is received. You must submit the documents no more than three working days after the assignment due date or examination date.

The original supporting documentation must be available to be produced on request. Medical certificates must make it clear that your doctor thought you were unable to study.

Multiple assessment items

A separate application is required for each assessment item.